Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Ancient Ruins of Merida in Spain

By Seif Kamel
   Many tourists who spend their vacations in Spain tend to miss Merida.
However, the city hosts some quite impressive monuments dating to
various periods of history.
   Merida was established in the beginning of the 1 st century BC by the
Roman Emperor, Augustus. It was an important center for many
activities. This is why the city has many Roman ruins including one of
the most notable ancient bridges in the world and the largest constructed
by the Romans in Spain.
   There is also a nice amphitheater that is worth a visit. Merida has an
interesting museum; the National Museum of Roman Art, which is a
must visit for those who are fond of art and history.
   The Muslims, when they took control of large areas of Spain, gave
special attention to Merida. There is a Moorish castle that was
constructed in the 9 th century AD. In a nutshell, tourists who adore
historical sites and natural beauty should never miss the chance to
explore Merida.

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