Monday, October 12, 2015

Discover the Ottoman Empire with Right Travel

Are you planning to visit Turkey? Either you planning short 3 nights trip or in depth 9 nights tour, we just opened our small group tours to Turkey as of November 2015 and through December 2017. 

The tours are designed to match all budgets and desires; each program offers 3 types of hotels from Bronze plan (3 and 4 stars hotels), Silver plan (5 stars hotels) and Gold Plan (5 stars plus hotels).

We started this series of tours with the 3 night’s quick trip to Istanbul, which worked very well with travelers visiting nearby countries or passengers using Turkish airline to different destination and will stop over in Istanbul in their way going and returning back home, later one we added program than include Cappadocia, until we reach 17 different small group tour packages that most of them operates on daily bases with guaranteed departure with minimum of 2 passengers and maximum of 18 passengers on each tour.

Kindly visit our Turkey tour page for more information and to select the suitable trip to you at

Monday, October 5, 2015

Explore Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both futuristic lands with their modern architecture design. One is taken aback from such a one of a kind amazing care in mastering such masterpieces, creating a spectacular country.

Dubai is knowing to be one of the top 10 chosen destinations by travelers. Enjoy taking unforgettable photos at our multiple photo stops at Dubai’s Marina District, Atlantis the Palm, Burj Ar Arab and Jumeirah Mosque. Experience being on earth’s largest manmade island, The Palm Jumeirah. Pamper yourself and your friends and family back home with souvenirs from the Old Souks of Dubai and the Gold Shop Center.  

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE with a structural Arab inspired style of houses mixed with a modern touch. Document your memories at our photo stops at The Heritage Village and the Ferrari World – the world’s biggest indoor park with the world’s fastest rollercoaster. 

Choose Right Travel’s inclusive program, the 8 Day Classic Dubai & Abu Dhabi Private Tour for only $936 USD. Check our prefixed dates and call us to book your next adventure!