Monday, May 20, 2019

The Most Remarkable Islamic Monuments in Cairo

By Seif Kamel

Nicknamed as the city of the thousand minarets, Cairo hosts a huge
number of Islamic monuments dating to various dynasties and periods of
history. There are over thousands of Islamic monuments in the Egyptian
capitals. However, there are several highlights that tourists who visit
Egypt should never miss.

There is the Mosque of Amr ibn El Aas, the first to be established in
Egypt and in the African continent. Constructed around the middle of
the 7 th century when Moslems conquered Egypt, the mosque was rebuilt
and renovated many times. Nevertheless, it still preserves its glory.
The Mosque of Sultan Hassan is among the most amazing constructions
of the Mamluks in Egypt. Constructed in the 14 th century, the Mosque is
one of the largest and most marvelous in Egypt.

There is also the Mosque of Ahmed ibn Tulun. Built in the 9 th century,
the mosque is the oldest in the country that preserves most of its original
parts and ornaments. The Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the Saladin
Citadel is also not to be missed by tourists who travel to Egypt.

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