Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Palace of Achilleion in Greece
By Seif Kamel
Constructed in the Corfu Island in Greece, the Achilleion Palace was
constructed for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria. A visit to the
Achilleion Palace is commonly included in many travel packages to
There is in fact an interesting story behind the establishment of this
palace. When the empress grieved because of the death of her son in
1889, she ordered the building of this distinctive palace. The Achilleion
provides magnificent views of the city of Corfu and the Southern section
of the whole island.
The layout and design of the palace were set to mimic residents and
palaces in ancient Greece. Achilles, the famous ancient Greek Hero,
represents the main theme of the palace. Empress Elisabeth was quite
fond of Greece. This is why the palace was luxuriously constructed and
ornamented. Today, the Achilleion Palace serves as a museum that
welcomes hundreds of tourists every day.
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