Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Lodi Gardens

By Seif Kamel
   In Asian countries with long rich history, like China and India, it is
always recommended to visit some of the historical gardens of the
country. Tourists who spend their vacations in India are encouraged to
explore parks like the Lodi Gardens located in Southern Delhi, the
Indian capital.
   Founded during the 15 th century, the Lodi Gardens welcome a large
number of travelers who tour India. The garden itself is quite pleasant
with some wonderful trees and various roses.
  Around the center of the garden, there is the Great Dome, or Bara
Gambad. This remarkable mausoleum is characterized by its grey and
black bricks and remarkable interior ornaments.
  There is also the Crystal Dome, or Shish Gombad, popular for its blue
ceramics and the Quran verses inscriptions all over the walls from
inside. The octagonal shape of the mausoleum of Mohamed Shah,
dating back to the 15 th century, grabs the attention of many tourists who
visit India.

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