Friday, November 23, 2018

Why is Egypt Wonderful to Visit in the Winter
By Seif Kamel
Egypt is surely one of the most popular touristic destinations in the
Middle East. With various historical sites, museums, and interesting
activities to do, many travelers are keen to enjoy a holiday in Egypt.
There are several advantages of spending a vacation in Egypt during the
Winter season. First of all, when different countries around the world are
suffering from extremely cold weather, the sun is always shinning in
Egypt especially in cities located in Southern Egypt like Luxor and
Many hotels and tour operators who work in Egypt have special offers
during winter and Christmas. Tourists who wish to have a wonderful
holiday in Egypt would get a great packages including spending perhaps
4 nights in Egypt, all local transportation, and historical sites’ visits with
quite competitive prices.
Can you imagine enjoying the sunlight in the winter while exploring the
wonders of the Pyramids? Or perhaps discover the secrets of the
Pharaonic monuments in Southern Egypt in the best weather and
ambience. All of this seems quite startling!
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