Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Fortress of Europe in Istanbul

By Seif Kamel

Istanbul is one of the interesting cities all over the world. Isn’t it enough
that the city is located on the lands of two continents; Asia and Europe?
It also hosts numerous interesting touristic sites.

Commonly missed by many tourists who visit Turkey, the Fortress of
Europe is a remarkable historical site. Established at the middle of the
15 th century, Sultan Mohamed Al Fateh, or the conqueror constructed it
when the Ottomans took control of Turkey at the time.

Situated on the West Banks of Bosporus, the Fortress was founded to
guard the European part of the city, while the Fortress of Asia, located
on the East Bank protected the Eastern part. Today, the Fortress of
Europe welcomes hundreds of tourists who travel to Turkey.

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