Saturday, June 29, 2019

Beit El Sahel in Zanzibar

By Seif Kamel
   Situated near several other historical sites like the House of Wonders,
Beit El Sahel remained as the royal residence of the Sultan of Zanzibar
till 1964. This was when the island united with Tanganyika to become
Tanzania. Today, the palace is one of the wonderful historical sites of
   After the unification, Beit El Sahel was transformed into an interesting
museum which illustrates the history of Zanzibar. The ground floor of
the museum hosts notable displays telling the story of the Sultans of
Zanzibar. Among the displays, there are the agreements signed between
Zanzibar and many other nations around the world.
   The second floor of Beit El Sahel Museum in Zanzibar is dedicated to
the period from 1870 till the end of the 19 th century. The exhibits include
primitive electric devices and water pipes. In the third floor, there is a
large collection of furniture the Sultans of Zanzibar used throughout its

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Monastery of Saint Antony in Egypt

By Seif Kamel
   Christianity entered Egypt as early as the 1 st century AD. This was when
one of the 12 Apostles resorted to the country and presented the new
religion to the Egyptians. Today, Egypt hosts millions of Christian Copts
and various Christian monuments that grab the attention of many tourists
who spend their vacation in Egypt.
   There are several historical monasteries in Egypt which are always
worth a visit. A great example is the Monastery of Saint Antony which
is the most ancient monastery all over the country. With its remote
location, around 50 kilometers to the West of the Red Sea coastal city of
Zaafrana, the Monastery managed to preserve its charm and beauty
throughout time.
   As many monasteries and churches in Egypt, there is an interesting story
behind its establishment. It is said that Antony, an Egyptian young man
who converted to Christianity escaped to the mountains. Afterwards,
some of his companions established this impressive monastery over his
small tomb.
   Featured with being one of the biggest historical monasteries in Egypt,
the monastery managed to preserve many original elements including
the impressive towers and marvelous interior design and decorations.
Many tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt are interested in the
Christian monuments of the country.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

The Museum of Arms in Fes

By Seif Kamel

   Located inside Borg Nord, or the Northern Tower in Fes, the Museum of
the Arms is a distinctive place to explore for tourists who visit Morocco.
The museum was established in 1963 to display more than 5000 displays
of weapons that were used in Morocco all over history.
   The tower, or the fortress, was established by the Saadis dynasty around
the end of the 16th century, exactly in 1582 with a decree by Sultan
Ahmad Al Mansour. The tower was considered among the largest
traditional weapons in the world.
   Dating to the end of the 19 th century, several displays from the Museum
of the Arms originate from the huge arsenal founded by Sultan Mawlai
Hassan I.
   The Museum of the Arms is featured with it chronological system of
displays dating from the oldest to the most contemporary. With 16
different rooms, a huge collection of weapons grabs the attention of
tourists who spend their vacation in Morocco. There are also some other
weapons that were brought from various areas around the world.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Selous Game Park in Tanzania

By Seif Kamel
   For centuries, tourists from all over the world visited Tanzania mainly
for its natural beauty and charm. In fact, there are several places to
explore and marvelous things to do in this distinctive African country.
Apart from some of the most amazing beaches all over the world, the
country is gifted with some of the richest forests and natural parks that
are among the largest and most diverse in Africa.
   The Selous Game Park exemplifies the best natural protected areas in
Eastern Africa. The park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage
Site back in 1982. A visit to the Selous Game Park is included in several
travel packages to Tanzania.
   With a surface area of more than 54,000 meters, the Selous Game Park
is home for some of the wonderful Savanna animals including elephants,
wild dogs, and the largest number of crocodiles to be found in one
natural park all over the world.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Historical Sites Missed by Tourists Who Visit Athens

By Seif Kamel
   In a city like Athens, with history extending for more than 5
millenniums, there are quite many interesting ancient sites that grab the
attention of tourists who travel to Greece. Around the 8 th century BC,
Athens was the capital of Attica, the first place where the concept of
democracy was acknowledged.
   A great example of monuments commonly missed by tourists who spend
their vacations in Athens is the Kerameikos. This interesting historical
site was the hub of tiles and ceramics’ production in ancient times.
Afterwards, it was transformed into a large necropolis. There are many
remains and ruins to be explored there.
   There is also the huge impressive temple of Zeus. Constructed over a
long period of time of more than 700 years beginning at the 5 th century
BC, the Temple of Zeus still preserves a marvelous 15 marble columns.
The hub of commercial activities of ancient Athens, Agora, still has
some magnificent chapels, temples, and various structures. Founded
around the 3 rd century BC, this was where the Greeks traded salt, wheat,
and many other commodities.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The National Railway Museum of Delhi

By Seif Kamel
  Many countries around the world, like Egypt for example, host
an interesting railway museum, especially those countries who
began making usage of trains in early times.
   The National Railway Museum of Delhi is an interesting
example of railway museums around the world. This is where
travelers who tour India view and admire royal carriages and
some quite old trains’ engines.
  The collections at the National Railway Museum of Delhi
include more than 25 various locomotives from different types.
This is in addition to more than 15 dissimilar carriages.
   There is, for instance, the marvelous carriage of Maharaja
Baroda, that was coated with gold. This is in addition to the
silver ornamented carriage of Mysore. This is in addition to
some samples of old tickets and the first train engine to be
manufactured in India.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

The Museum of Islamic Art

By Seif Kamel
   Cairo hosts a huge number of museums. A city with such a long diverse
history surely has a lot to display. Among the interesting, there is the
Museum of Islamic Art. Many tourists who travel to Egypt are fond of
its history, monuments and museums.
   After richly restored for several years, the Museum of Islamic Art was
reopened in 2012 and now welcomes hundreds of tourists spending their
vacations in Egypt.
   With a large variety of displays from different periods of the Egyptian
history, there are several Mashrabeya screens, one of the most
distinctive types of Islamic art. There are also many pieces of Minbars’
decorations gathered from many mosques around the country. There are
also many collections of cloth, wooden works, rare versions of the
Quran, tiles, carpets, and lamps.
   There are also a large number of Turkish and Persian ceramics and tiles,
a selection of manuscripts and books, and a large number of rugs and

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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Mausoleum of Emperor Humayun in Delhi

By Seif Kamel
   Exploring a city like Delhi, with a long rich history and a large array of
monuments, tourists who visit India should carefully design their trips
according to the places they wish to visit.
   However, there are some major highlights all tourists are recommended
to visit. A good example is the Mausoleum of Emperor Humayun.
Constructed around the end of the 16 th century, the mausoleum is a
wonderful masterpiece of architectural art.
   The complex is famous for being the first garden tomb to be established
in India and the first with the extensive usage of red stones in
construction. Perhaps this was among the reasons why the Mausoleum
of Emperor Humayun was included in the list of the UNESCO World
Heritage Sties.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Temple of Universal Happiness in China

By Seif Kamel
   Located at the Shuangqiao District on the East Shore of the Wulie River,
the Temple of Universal Happiness was erected around the end of the
18 th century when the Mongolian Buddhism began spreading around the
   Constructed with layout and design that is partly similar to that of the
popular Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Temple is now one of the
famous historical monuments visited by tourists who travel to China.
The Pavilion of the Brilliance of the Rising Sun, the main section of the
temple is distinctive for its wooden works and Mongolian motifs and
decorations. Other interesting elements of the temple include the walls
with the pagodas with its various statues.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Atik Valide Mosque in Istanbul

By Seif Kamel

Istanbul is one of the most charming touristic destinations in Turkey.
There are numerous monuments and historical sites to explored in
Istanbul. Perhaps, the Ottoman mosques are among the most spread in
the city.

Some mosques like the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed are largely
visited by tourists who travel to Turkey. However, there are numerous
other mosques that are always worth a visit. The Atik Valide Mosque is
among the impressive examples.

Situated on top of a hill, the Atik Valide Mosque was established in
1583 and it was dedicated to the Mother of Sultan Murad III. Designed
by the famous architect, Sinan Pasha, the mosque is popular for its
marvelous domes and semi domes.

Other elements that grab the attention of travelers who spend their
vacations in Turkey and explore the mosque include colorful tiles,
marbles, and the charm decoration of the Minbar of the mosque.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Jewish Quarter Fes in Morocco

By Seif Kamel

The Jewish Quarter of Fes is in fact the first to be established in
Morocco. It was first founded in the old section of Fes, or Fes Al Bally,
during the 15 th century. Over centuries, the kings and rulers of Morocco
promised to provide protection to the Jews living in the country.

The quarter, like many other similar examples in Morocco, is divided
according to the crafts carried out by the people. There is also a
historical synagogue that grab the attention of many tourists who spend
their vacations in Morocco.

The Jewish Quarter is popularly named Al Mallah, or the salt springs.
This is because there was an ancient source of salt in the area. There are
many interesting places to explore around the quarter including
distinctively constructed Jewish houses and other establishments.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

The Coptic Museum in Cairo

By Seif Kamel

Established in 1947, the Coptic Museum in Cairo displays a huge
collection of various Coptic items and arts. Almost all the exhibitions
date to the early Coptic era in Egypt with some distinctive Pharaonic
exhibits. Many tourists who travel to Egypt love to explore the museums
of Cairo.

The building that hosts the Coptic Museum is a masterpiece of
architectural arts itself. It is famous for its wonderful Mashrabeya,
carved wood, and richly decorated ceilings. Many guests who visit the
museum admire the marvelous building with its several details and

Among the most interesting sections in the Coptic Museum, there is the
collection of stone capitals and columns gathered from various old
churches and monasteries all over Egypt.

There are also several wooden displays, cloth, glass, copper,
manuscripts, icons, Coptic paintings, and rare versions of the holy bible.
Many travel packages to Egypt include a visit to the museum and the
Area of Coptic Cairo where many historical churches and chapels are

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Bridge of Marco Polo in Beijing

By Seif Kamel

Beijing is perhaps the largest city in the whole world in terms of
population. There are many various places that are worth visiting by
tourists who travel to China.

Among the places that are popular in Beijing, there is the Bridge of
Marco Polo, one of the oldest bridges in the world. It was constructed in
1192 during the ruling period of the Qing Dynasty. Today, it welcomes
many tourists who visit China.

Consisting of 11 stone arches, the Marco Polo Bridge was the main royal
passageway between ancient Beijing and the area around central China.
With the famous 450 stone made lions, the bridge is among the most
distinctive structures in the world.

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