Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Historical Sites Missed by Tourists Who Visit Athens

By Seif Kamel
   In a city like Athens, with history extending for more than 5
millenniums, there are quite many interesting ancient sites that grab the
attention of tourists who travel to Greece. Around the 8 th century BC,
Athens was the capital of Attica, the first place where the concept of
democracy was acknowledged.
   A great example of monuments commonly missed by tourists who spend
their vacations in Athens is the Kerameikos. This interesting historical
site was the hub of tiles and ceramics’ production in ancient times.
Afterwards, it was transformed into a large necropolis. There are many
remains and ruins to be explored there.
   There is also the huge impressive temple of Zeus. Constructed over a
long period of time of more than 700 years beginning at the 5 th century
BC, the Temple of Zeus still preserves a marvelous 15 marble columns.
The hub of commercial activities of ancient Athens, Agora, still has
some magnificent chapels, temples, and various structures. Founded
around the 3 rd century BC, this was where the Greeks traded salt, wheat,
and many other commodities.

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