Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Plaza de Toro in Spain

By Seif Kamel
   The Plaza De Toro is perhaps the largest and oldest bullring in Spain.
Situated at the Spanish Capital, Madrid, the establishment was founded
in 1931 and it accommodates more than 20,000 spectators.
   The Plaza De Toro consists of a large arena with the diameter of around
60 meters, making the largest in the world. The spectators’ zone include
10 groups of 27 rows surrounding the arena. A visit to the bullring is a
must during a vacation in Spain as it is part of the culture of the country.
As any other performances around the world, the price of your ticket
mainly depends on the position of your seat around the arena. Nearer
seats are more expensive than seats which are far. Another factor is that
is the seat situated in the sun or under shades. In fact, there are many
festivals and events that take place in the Plaza De Toro that grab the
attention of numerous tourists who spend their vacations in Spain.

Spain link: https://www.righttravel.info/country/spain-6.html