Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Palatine Chapel in Palermo

By Seif Kamel
   The Palatine Chapel is one of the unique monuments located in Palermo
in Italy. It belongs to the famous Norman kings that used to control
Sicily and many other regions in and around the area. Today, many
tourists who travel to Italy would be keen to explore the Palatine Chapel.
This distinctive chapel was constructed in 1132 under the orders of
Roger II. It was erected over the ruins of an older establishment built
around the end of the 11 th century.
   The Palatine Chapel of Palermo is factually famous for its magnificent
mosaics’ works. There are mosaics all over the chapel that date as old as
the 12 th century. Travelers who spend their vacations in Italy largely
admire these mosaics as they are unmatched, perhaps all over the world.

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