Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Selous Game Park in Tanzania

By Seif Kamel
   For centuries, tourists from all over the world visited Tanzania mainly
for its natural beauty and charm. In fact, there are several places to
explore and marvelous things to do in this distinctive African country.
Apart from some of the most amazing beaches all over the world, the
country is gifted with some of the richest forests and natural parks that
are among the largest and most diverse in Africa.
   The Selous Game Park exemplifies the best natural protected areas in
Eastern Africa. The park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage
Site back in 1982. A visit to the Selous Game Park is included in several
travel packages to Tanzania.
   With a surface area of more than 54,000 meters, the Selous Game Park
is home for some of the wonderful Savanna animals including elephants,
wild dogs, and the largest number of crocodiles to be found in one
natural park all over the world.

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