Monday, June 10, 2019

The Coptic Museum in Cairo

By Seif Kamel

Established in 1947, the Coptic Museum in Cairo displays a huge
collection of various Coptic items and arts. Almost all the exhibitions
date to the early Coptic era in Egypt with some distinctive Pharaonic
exhibits. Many tourists who travel to Egypt love to explore the museums
of Cairo.

The building that hosts the Coptic Museum is a masterpiece of
architectural arts itself. It is famous for its wonderful Mashrabeya,
carved wood, and richly decorated ceilings. Many guests who visit the
museum admire the marvelous building with its several details and

Among the most interesting sections in the Coptic Museum, there is the
collection of stone capitals and columns gathered from various old
churches and monasteries all over Egypt.

There are also several wooden displays, cloth, glass, copper,
manuscripts, icons, Coptic paintings, and rare versions of the holy bible.
Many travel packages to Egypt include a visit to the museum and the
Area of Coptic Cairo where many historical churches and chapels are

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