Friday, April 12, 2019

The Top Experiences Not to be Missed in Egypt
By Seif Kamel
A country like Egypt, with ancient history, marvelous beaches, and
distinctive culture, has literally too much to offer to tourists who come
from all over the world to explore the land of the Nile.
It’s quite impossible to cover all the important monuments and popular
sites in only one tour. However, there are some experiences that
travelers who spend their vacations should never miss.
The first is surly to explore the Pyramids of Giza. There is nothing in the
whole world that even comes close to its greatness! The pyramids with
their huge sizes and magnitude, their extremely accurate measurements,
and ancient history that extends to more than 4000 years, make a must
visit for everybody who comes to Egypt.
Another marvelous experience is to explore the Monastery of Saint
Catherine in Sinai. It is among the most ancient operating all over the
world. With its unparalleled architectural elements and rich history, it is
one of the most magnificent places to experience in Egypt.
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