Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Jewish Quarter Fes in Morocco

By Seif Kamel

The Jewish Quarter of Fes is in fact the first to be established in
Morocco. It was first founded in the old section of Fes, or Fes Al Bally,
during the 15 th century. Over centuries, the kings and rulers of Morocco
promised to provide protection to the Jews living in the country.

The quarter, like many other similar examples in Morocco, is divided
according to the crafts carried out by the people. There is also a
historical synagogue that grab the attention of many tourists who spend
their vacations in Morocco.

The Jewish Quarter is popularly named Al Mallah, or the salt springs.
This is because there was an ancient source of salt in the area. There are
many interesting places to explore around the quarter including
distinctively constructed Jewish houses and other establishments.

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