Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Most Amazing Attractions of Vietnam

By Seif Kamel

Many travelers around the world wonder what is it in Vietnam that is
worth visiting. The answer is that the country hosts many several ancient
sites dating for more than 20 centuries.

A significant touristic attraction of the capital of Vietnam is the old
quarter of the capital, Hanoi. With history extending back to the 12 th
century AD, there are several historical sites like the Ho Chi Minh
Mausoleum, the Temple of ­Literature, and some interesting museums as

Another great monument to explore by tourists who visit Vietnam is the
historical site of the Citadel of Long. Constructed around 1000 years
ago, it is one of the finest examples of the architecture of South Eastern
Asia in this period of time. A visit to the Long Citadel is included in
almost all travel packages to Vietnam.

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