Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Ancient Village of Sortelha in Portugal

By Seif Kamel
   With its significantly important strategic location over a mountain
overlooking the whole area, the village of Sortelha witnessed a rich
distinctive history. Many travel packages to Portugal today include a
visit to Sortelha.
   Historical records never asserted when the village was really established.
However, historians affirm there was some sort of human settlements at
the area as early as the Bronze and Iron Ages. It was King Sancho who
began developing the village around the beginning of the 13 th century.
He also put the foundation of quite an impressive castle.
   A tour to Sortelha would commonly include a walk through the narrow
lanes of the village. Afterwards, the guests would explore the wonderful
castle. There are also many other monuments and ruins to explore by
tourists enjoying a wonderful vacation in Portugal.

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