Thursday, August 8, 2019

Asclepeions in Turkey

By Seif Kamel
   The Asclepeions was among the famous temples dedicated for therapies.
The temple was where Asclepius, the most brilliant physician of ancient
Greece, used to heal patients from various illnesses and diseases. Today,
the ruins of Asclepeions represent one of the marvelous historical sites
included in many travel packages to Turkey.
   Many sections of the Asclepeion Temple were carefully equipped and
established to guarantee the proper healing process was taking places.
There were also many other huge establishments like a gym, a large
library, and theatre.
   Such healing temples began around the middle of the 4 th century BC.
This was when Asclepius became renowned in many places around the
Greek Empire. Today, the ruins of his Temple of Asclepeion remain as
evidence of how glorious this complex once was.

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