Thursday, May 16, 2019

Almoravids Dome in Marrakesh

By Seif Kamel

A city like Marrakesh, with its long distinctive history, hosts many
several monuments. The oldest among them is the Almoravids Dome in
Marrakesh. Established by Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf, the Almoravids Dome
was constructed around the middle of the 12 th dynasty.

Away from being the most ancient building to be surviving in
Marrakesh, the Almoravids Dome has its own type of magic featured
with simplicity in design and plain layout. Many tourists who travel to
Morocco would pay the dome a visit.

Among the marvelous characteristics of Almoravids is their extensive
stone decorations which they excelled to carry out. Their dome in
Marrakesh is a rare example of this concept. This is because most of the
establishments and buildings of Almoravids were demolished by
Almohads, the dynasty which ruled over the Moroccan kingdom

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