Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Atik Valide Mosque in Istanbul

By Seif Kamel

Istanbul is one of the most charming touristic destinations in Turkey.
There are numerous monuments and historical sites to explored in
Istanbul. Perhaps, the Ottoman mosques are among the most spread in
the city.

Some mosques like the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed are largely
visited by tourists who travel to Turkey. However, there are numerous
other mosques that are always worth a visit. The Atik Valide Mosque is
among the impressive examples.

Situated on top of a hill, the Atik Valide Mosque was established in
1583 and it was dedicated to the Mother of Sultan Murad III. Designed
by the famous architect, Sinan Pasha, the mosque is popular for its
marvelous domes and semi domes.

Other elements that grab the attention of travelers who spend their
vacations in Turkey and explore the mosque include colorful tiles,
marbles, and the charm decoration of the Minbar of the mosque.

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