Saturday, July 6, 2019

Castle of Azraq in Jordan

By Seif Kamel
   Situated around 100 kilometers to the East of Amman, the Azraq Castle
was originally established as Roman stronghold. However, it was largely
rebuilt and renovated by the Mamluks during the 13th century. Many
travel packages to Jordon include a visit to this ancient castle.
   The Azraq Castle hosts the only source of fresh water in the desert
surrounding it. This is why it gathers many birds from all over the
region. This is why it would a marvelous destination for an afternoon
   The castle now consists of a huge rectangle shaped structure that is 80
meters’ length and 72 meters’ width. It was constructed out of black
basalt rocks and consisted of three floors, but only two of them
remained. The castle hosts several monitoring towers, a mosque, horses’
stables, and a prison.

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