Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Heroes’ Square in Hungry
By Seif Kamel
The Heroes’ Square is one of the central and important squares of
Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Included in the UNESCO World
Heritage List, the Heroes’ Square is featured for hosting the significant
statue representing the seven tribes that established Romania during the
19 th century.
The Heroes’ Square is one of the famous touristic attractions commonly
included in various travel packages to Hungry. The square also hosts the
tomb of the unknown soldier. The square is also the place to find the
interesting Fine Arts Museum of Hungary.
The construction works of the square began back in 1896 and it was
completed around 33 years afterwards in 1929. The Heroes’ Square
witnessed many significantly important political events like the severe
demonstrations in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution. Today it
welcomes numerous tourists who travel to Hungary for their holidays.
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