Friday, June 14, 2019

The Mausoleum of Emperor Humayun in Delhi

By Seif Kamel
   Exploring a city like Delhi, with a long rich history and a large array of
monuments, tourists who visit India should carefully design their trips
according to the places they wish to visit.
   However, there are some major highlights all tourists are recommended
to visit. A good example is the Mausoleum of Emperor Humayun.
Constructed around the end of the 16 th century, the mausoleum is a
wonderful masterpiece of architectural art.
   The complex is famous for being the first garden tomb to be established
in India and the first with the extensive usage of red stones in
construction. Perhaps this was among the reasons why the Mausoleum
of Emperor Humayun was included in the list of the UNESCO World
Heritage Sties.

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