Friday, June 21, 2019

The Museum of Arms in Fes

By Seif Kamel

   Located inside Borg Nord, or the Northern Tower in Fes, the Museum of
the Arms is a distinctive place to explore for tourists who visit Morocco.
The museum was established in 1963 to display more than 5000 displays
of weapons that were used in Morocco all over history.
   The tower, or the fortress, was established by the Saadis dynasty around
the end of the 16th century, exactly in 1582 with a decree by Sultan
Ahmad Al Mansour. The tower was considered among the largest
traditional weapons in the world.
   Dating to the end of the 19 th century, several displays from the Museum
of the Arms originate from the huge arsenal founded by Sultan Mawlai
Hassan I.
   The Museum of the Arms is featured with it chronological system of
displays dating from the oldest to the most contemporary. With 16
different rooms, a huge collection of weapons grabs the attention of
tourists who spend their vacation in Morocco. There are also some other
weapons that were brought from various areas around the world.

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